This Microsoft Word Course enable participants to gain either Proficient or Advanced Word user skills. A professional qualification is awarded upon successful completion.

Course Format

The course is offered in Word 2013 and 2016 depending on your requirements. It is sold as a two unit course either  Beginner and Proficient level or Proficient and Advanced level.

Course Content

Beginner and Proficient Levels

  • Create a Table
  • Do more with tables
  • Add Illustrations
  • Margins
  • Headers and footers
  • Formatting the document
  • Page breaks
  • Sections
  • Views and Windows
  • Managing a long document
  • Improve the presentation of the document in Word
  • Forms
  • Templates
  • Shortcuts

Remember this course includes two levels, so you can chose between Beginner and Proficient or Proficient and Advanced.

All three levels are available for a discounted €50 supplement, if you want to take all three parts.

Dates and Duration

The course is online and has a set duration of 3 months. You can extend this if you are able to complete for a small extension fee of €25.

Training can commence at anytime.

Course Requirements

The Course can start from beginner level, so there are no entry requirements.


  • Training written by senior Microsoft Partners
  • Interactive training system
  • Be instructed and corrected by your virtual tutor
  • Numerous practical exercises to assist you in building real skills
  • CPD Accredited Certificate to build your CV with a qualification
  • Flexibility to train when and where
  • You keep access to all material for one year, to enable you to use as reference material.


CPD Standards Certificate in MS Word at Advanced or Proficient Level.


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