Here at Souters, we offer dedicated HR Courses in the Netherlands and we also offer HR Assistant Training Programmes. This is held and delivered in a virtual classroom environment.

HR Courses in Virtual Classrooms

The Introduction to Human Resource Management Course in the Netherlands provides an overview of the key principles of HR. It is suitable for those who are moving into a career in HR, those who are currently working within HR and for those who encounter HR functionality in their current roles. This is the most popular option for HR training courses. It is often taken by people working in HR, who would like to gain some formal training and professional qualification. It is also taken by people new to HR or non-HR professionals who need to understand the process of HR.

HR Assistant Training Courses

The Human Resource Assistant training course is ideally suited for someone looking to take their first steps within an HR career. It combines a basic introduction to HR, along with an overview of standard administration skills. Both of which can prepare the delegate to enter into this type of work. The course provides a CPD accredited qualification and all the relevant skills to continue moving up the HR career ladder.

CPD Finance Courses

    Human Resources Training Courses Netherlands

    HR Courses in Virtual Classrooms

    Our HR Courses are being delivered in Virtual Classrooms. Attendees from across the globe are able to join these Virtual Classroom sessions. All Virtual Classroom trainings are delivered by the same trainers as the live classes. Additionally, the course material is exactly the same as the live classroom sessions.

    Our trainers have delivered HR and Management Courses to a wide range of organisations and private individuals. We can deliver training courses that focus on all elements of Human Resources including Strategic HR, HR Business Planning, Recruitment, Selection, Onboarding, Motivational theories, Human Resources Developments, Training and Development, Performance Management and much more.

    We have delivered training to the following list of organisations.

    • USAID
    • United Nations
    • Supreme Council of Qatar
    • ING
    • Shell
    • Netflix
    • SAP
    • and many more organisations

    We have delivered HR training to all different sectors, all sizes of organisations and across Europe and the Middle East.