The Netherlands offers excellent opportunities for people looking to work in Finance. These roles could be in a finance or accounting job within any company or industry in the Netherlands. Finance positions could also find it in Financial Services. Currently, the Netherlands is attracting many finance professionals from across Europe. Here is a look at the prospects of getting a job in the Netherlands in Finance.

Amsterdam’s financial services centre

Amsterdam is a financial centre and offers a fully developed financial service industry. The Netherlands has several central Multinational Banks, including ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank. However, almost all central non-Dutch Multinational Banks will also have a presence in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam stock exchange has grown significantly in the last few years. Many papers have suggested that the stock market’s growth is due to Amsterdam being the beneficiary of the UK’s Brexit, which has seen financial services move from the UK to continental European financial hubs. In 2021, journalists reported that the total value of traded equities on the Amsterdam Stock Market had passed London. Naturally, this growth will lead to more job opportunities in Amsterdam’s financial services.

Finance Jobs in the Netherlands

Finance and Accounting Jobs in the Netherlands

Financial jobs are found across the economy, meaning finance professionals can find numerous job options across the country and in all sectors. Here we will look at one starter-level job located across the Netherlands. It should give you an idea of what they entail and what the average salary is to be expected.

What Do Finance Assistants Do?

Finance Assistants will generally provide support to more senior Financial roles. They may work for the Financial Controller or the Director of Financial Planning and Analysis. Typical tasks that they may do include:

  • Working on producing monthly financial reports
  • Gathering and organizing financial data from all company departments
  • Posting financial data to the General Ledger
  • Assisting in the control of the Budget
  • Assisting in creating Management Accounts to assist the managers of the company in producing financial accounts

Financial Assistants in Amsterdam will earn, on average €2,800 per month and could receive a cash bonus of around €3,500 annually. This salary is not the highest in the Netherlands for financial professionals, but this job title is relatively junior. Therefore, it is an excellent job for anyone keen to move to more senior financial positions.

What do I need to get an entry-level Finance Job?

Knowledge of Bookkeeping will help you to function with working financial data. Applicants can gain this by taking Bookkeeping Courses. In addition, Microsoft Excel skills are often fundamental, and ideally, you should aim to take an Excel for Finance Course or similar training.