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Souters was established in 1988 as a specialist training provider. Souters have continuously provided courses which are ideal to Executive Assistants,PAs, Executive Secretaries and Office Managers.

Souters has trained professionals from a wide range of companies in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and many other countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Our training is designed to ensure that there is a mix of skills developed required to succeed at the highest level in commercial English speaking environment. In the Netherlands, our main courses are focused on Executive Assistants, Human Resource Management, Business English, Finance Courses and Microsoft Office Training. All of our training is accredited by the CPD Standards Institute in London. Our trainers are highly experienced in their professions and as trainers.

All of our courses will be certificated with a relevant accredited qualification in the field of the course. This is greatly beneficial to the development of delegate’s careers and demonstrating their skills in high level, commercial, English speaking environments. The certification ensure that development of delegate’s CV/Resume is a huge benefit.

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