Souters offers Advanced Executive Assistant Training Courses in Amsterdam. The format of the courses is similar to the EA Course offered in London. It enables Executive Assistants, PAs, Administrators and Office Managers across Europe to be able to gain a recognised Executive Assistant qualification in Business English.

Our training courses are all delivered in English. The focus is on the use of Business English to assist Executive Assistants in gaining greater confidence working in Business environments.

All courses are CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Accredited. The CPD Institute accredits training of professionals in the development of their careers. This accreditation is accepted by many professional bodies.

You can see the course details by clicking on this link: Executive Assistant Courses in the Netherlands.

Executive Assistant Training Courses in Amsterdam

The Executive Assistant Training Course, in Amsterdam, is delivered over 2 days. It is highly interactive and includes a variety of practical sessions. The course covers a mixture of Technical Skills and Managerial Soft Skills to ensure that delegates gain the optimal mix of skills to pursue their careers as Executive Assistants or Management Assistants.

A large number of Netherlands based EAs have attended our training in London, in the past. This scheduled course in Central Amsterdam is the ideal opportunity for EAs, PAs, Administrators, Office Managers etc. to enhance and gain new skills from our training and develop their careers.