Our SharePoint Diploma is delivered online. It is now part of Microsoft Office’s core skills and ideal for people seeking a broader skill set.  SharePoint is now being used Microsoft Office program by many different businesses. It enables businesses to offer work-from-home opportunities and to connect to files in different locations. With the growth of remote working, it has become very popular.

Diploma Training Content

1. Introductory Course

  • The Beginner SharePoint Course is included in this course; for more information, read the relevant course page.

2. SharePoint Add and Manage Alerts for Intermediate Courses

  • Create and customize a list in SharePoint
  • Customize a List’s Navigation, Name, and Description
  • To a List or Library, Add Text Columns
  • Variances can be added to a list or library.
  • Excel creates, groups, and sorts lists
  • List to Excel export and Display/Hide Columns SharePoint’s Column Order Library can be modified.
  • Make or Change a Library
  • Obtain / Check Out Documents
  • Throw away a document checkout.
  • Make Document Checkout Required
  • Delete, View, and Restore Primary Versions
  • Minor (Draft) Versions Can Be Enabled, Published, or Removed
  • Set a Library or List to Allow Content Approval
  • Accept or reject the submitted items.
  • Make a Page, then Change the Page Layout
  • Add the Text/Image/File Viewer. Advanced Web Part Module
  • Office 365 Apps
  • From an Excel, create a list
  • In Settings, create views.
  • Sites in SharePoint
  • Web Communications
  • Establish a communication website
  • Web Part Layouts Editing
  • Options, Links, and Image Editing for the Hero Web Part
  • Hub Sites – Creating, registering, or linking a site
  • Site Policy Creation, Retention Policy, and Site Closure and Deletion Policies
  • Policies on Content Retention
  • Policies for the Document Library and Folder Retention
  • Permissions and Users
  • Groups of permissions, levels, inheritance, and permissions
  • Sites, folders, and file sharing
  • Sharing lists and libraries
  • Sharing Permissions Changing
  • Content-Type
  • Put together a Document Content-Type
  • Surface the SharePoint Properties Templates for a Library / Content
  • Type Add Site Columns to a Content
  • Type New /Display Content
  • Type to a Library / Document
  • Make a List With Content That Is

Dates and Duration

The training should last nine to ten hours. You can finish the course any time throughout the course’s one-year access duration.

Course prerequisites

The course is accessible to everyone and begins at the novice level. This is our only Microsoft Office training programme that offers audio only in English. Dutch is available in subtitles. You can also find Dutch language training in SharePoint in our Microsoft Office 365 Courses.

SharePoint Diploma

There are several advantages of the Online SharePoint Diploma:

  • Microsoft Certified Academy ensures the highest standard of training
  • Microsoft Platinum Partners develop all training.
  • Our training curriculum adheres to the highest international standards.
  • Our Diplomas have received CPD accreditation, and they are widely recognised.
  • Our instructors have worked with Microsoft SharePoint in the workplace and have created very useful content.
  • Microsoft SharePoint CPD Accredited Outcome Diploma from a Microsoft Academy.