Souters Training is an International training provider that operates in London and Amsterdam. Souters is a specialist in Business Skills Training. All of our training courses are delivered in English Language. Our trainers are highly experienced in their fields and as trainers.

Souters has trained major Institutions from across globe and many of our delegates are holding prestigious roles across the globe.

Training Courses Offered in the Netherlands

Our Executive Assistant Training Courses are internationally recognised and are accredited by the CPD Standards Institute. This has been an excellent means for Executive Assistants, Management Assistants and PAs to gain an International qualification and the skills needed to launch their careers.

Souters also offers high level training in Finance, Financial English and Business English. These courses are delivered by experienced Accountants, Bankers and English Teachers, to ensure that delegates gain the skills needed in the workplace. The training is CPD Standard Institute Accredited. All courses are certificated on completion.

Souters is also a specialist in HR training and related Business Skills. All of these courses are CPD Accredited and Certificated on successful completion.Our training programmes in the Netherlands offer delegates the opportunity to gain professional skills that can be used in a commercial English speaking environment.

Souters is a Microsoft Office Certified Academy and we offer a wide range of MS Office courses that are fully accredited. Our Microsoft Office Training can also be delivered in English, Dutch, French or German.


Bookkeeping Course - CPD Accredited

  "The tutor was a good communicator and made a lot of effort to to help the students". ..

499.00€ Ex Tax: 499.00€

Access Training Course- Microsoft Certified

The ability to input and manage database systems is key to most office jobs. Microsoft Access is ..

179.00€ Ex Tax: 179.00€

Bookkeeping Diploma - CPD Accredited

Objective To provide a thorough understanding of the basic principles of manual book-keeping,..

699.00€ Ex Tax: 699.00€

Budgeting Training Course

Objective To provide a fast track understanding of the budgeting process. Course Format ..

299.00€ Ex Tax: 299.00€