Our Power BI Course allows learners to gain skills to use Power BI in their work. This is an increasingly popular program.

Course Format

This course covers the beginner level. The course lasts for six months, but can be completed earlier. As an online training programme, it can be taken anywhere and at any time. The course is delivered via virtual tutor, on a live server. This is a state of the art and interactive way to learn. The virtual tutors delivers lesson, provides exercises and provides feedback and corrections to the learner.

Power BI Course

Course Content

Connecting and preparing data with Excel and other sources

  • Connecting Power BI to an Excel workbook
  • Managing the imported Excel data
  • Extracting, organising and filtering data from the imported base
  • Creating columns from examples and adding conditional columns
  • Connecting to other data sources (txt, csv, pdf, SharePoint list)
  • Practical exercises with solutions to consolidate learning
  • Importing an Excel file
  • Cross-tables from Excel
  • Connecting Power BI to a database

DAX Formulas

  • What is the DAX concept?
  • How to apply the CALCULATE function
  • The ALL function
  • Counting items using the COUNTROWS or the DISTINCTCOUNT functions
  • Trend analysis using the DATEADD function
  • Practical exercises to consolidate learning

Setting up a model in Power BI

  • Setting up the relationships within the model
  • Creating the calendar table
  • Developing the explicit measures in your model
  • Organising the fields in the Model view
  • Practical exercises with solutions to consolidate learning

Interactions within Power BI

  • How to build natural interactions
  • Drilling down into more detailed data
  • Practical exercises to consolidate learning

How to create Dashboards and Interactive Visuals

  • Develop a dashboard
  • Create a bar chart/line chart/pie chart
  • Use a card to show summary data
  • Illustrating geographical data
  • Creating a table and cross-table
  • Using slicers
  • Practical exercises with solutions to consolidate learning

Applicative Designs within dashboards and models

  • Principles of applicative design
  • User experience design
  • Develop the page backgrounds
  • Adding slicers, tooltips and dynamic titles
  • Conditional formatting in tables
  • Overview of the process
  • Create the theme
  • Adding visuals and buttons to the tabs
  • Using bookmarks
  • Practical exercises to consolidate learning


  • Publish a dashboard
  • Use a Published Dashboard
  • Power BI Publishing Service
  • Practical exercises to consolidate learning


Training is available in Dutch or English.

Course Requirements

To take this Power BI Course, you will need at least Intermediate Excel or Advanced Excel skills.

Dates and Duration

The course is online and has a set duration of 6 months. You can start or study at any time.

Training can commence at anytime.

Course Requirements

The Course can start from beginner level, you do not need previous experience in Power BI. However, you should already have ideally Advanced Excel.


  • Training written by senior Microsoft trainers from a Microsoft Certified Academy
  • Interactive training system, where you can be instructed and corrected by your personal virtual tutor
  • Numerous practical exercises to assist you in building real skills
  • CPD accredited certificate to build your CV with a qualification
  • Flexibility to train
  • You keep access to training for one year, to enable you to refer back to training material


CPD Standards Certificate in Power BI from a Microsoft Academy.