The Microsoft Office Diploma for an Executive Assistant provides users with the necessary knowledge and skill required to confidently use a wide range of Microsoft Office products that are key to Executive Assistant careers.

Course Content

With the Microsoft Office Diploma, users have the chance to fully develop their skills in using the key areas of Microsoft Office products. The aim is to provide each user with a greater understanding of the products, as well as a variety of rounded skills. All of the modules included in the Microsoft Office Diploma have CPD accreditation. The diploma includes training in the following products to Advanced Level:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Sharepoint
  • Office 365
  • Teams

Online Microsoft Office Diploma for an Executive Assistant

Duration of the course

The Microsoft Office Diploma course takes up to six months to complete. You study on a flexible hours basis. Intensive study means that you can complete the Diploma much faster than in 6 months. The Microsoft Office Diploma course can be taken online, anywhere with a strong internet connection. This makes completing the course at home a viable option.

How Does Training Take Place

The course is delivered via a virtual tutor, on a live server. This is a state of the art and interactive way to learn. The virtual tutors deliver the lesson, provides exercises and provide feedback and corrections to the learner. The Microsoft Office Diploma course is available on a flexible basis and can be studied at any time and location.

Training is available in English or Dutch.

This course forms part of the Executive Assistant Diploma.

Why Should You Choose Our Diploma? 

  • All course materials have been written by senior Microsoft Trainers, from a Microsoft Certified Academy. This means all content has been certified to a high standard.
  • All training is given via a live server, with a virtual tutor. This virtual tutor is on hand to help and give instructions, in a similar way to a personal tutor.
  • The Microsoft Office Diploma is IEAA accredited, with an Institute of Executive Assistants and Administrators Microsoft Office Diploma for an Executive Assistant when successfully completed.
  • All course training is practical and easy to remember, thanks to a variety of different exercises.
  • As it is a professional accredited qualification that is well recognised, the Microsoft Office Diploma for an Executive Assistant will improve any CV.

Course Qualification

IEAA Accredited Microsoft Office Diploma for an Executive Assistant


IEAA Executive Assistants