This two-day Human Resources Assistant Course is designed to teach the primary point of Human Resources within a professional setting and examine how it plays an essential role within modern office environments. During day one of this interactive course, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of HR. The second day will involve practical activities that can be implemented in a live professional setting.

Human Resources Assistant Course

Course Aims

Participants will better understand what it means to work in HR. Through real-life simulation, they can apply everything they’ve learned in the course to their professional situations. If you would like to take the shorter one-day HR Course, you can CLICK HERE.

HR Assistant Course Content

Day 1 – Introduction to Human Resource Management

  • The Principles of Human Resource Management
  • The Recruitment and Selection of Employees
  • The principles of HR Planning
  • Training and Professional Development of Employees
  • Employee – Management Relations
  • Motivation of Employees
  • An Overview of Employment Law
  • Concepts of HR Compliance
  • Managing Employees and coaching them to high-performance
  • Organisational Culture and fitting in with the culture
  • Appraisals and Objectives
  • What is Strategic HR and how to work with the Business as an HR Partner

Day 2 – Practical Skills for a Human Resource Assistant

  • Practical exercises to replicate processes in the HR department
  • Practising Methods of Interviewing
  • Designing suitable Selection methods for applicants
  • Exercise on Orientation and Assimilation of New Employees
  • Performance Management Scenarios
  • The Concepts of Succession Planning
  • HR Competencies
  • HR Record Keeping


The course runs for two consecutive days from 11:30 – 17:30 CET. It is held in a virtual classroom and is delivered in English Language.


This course is designed for people working in HR administration or as an HR assistant seeking formal training and certification. The course is also ideal for someone looking to get a job in HR. People in other administration roles who must carry out HR functions could also join the course.

What Will You Gain from the Course?

  • A qualification in the form of a certificate approved by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Standards Institute
  • A boost to your CV with an internationally recognised certificate of training
  • A closer understanding of fundamental HR functions and practises
  • Better productivity and confidence within the workplace

What Does the CPD Certificate Mean?

This certificate is recognised worldwide and is a requirement for many industries, such as HR, legal firms and accountants. This will open up career opportunities in the HR field globally.

Join our Human Resources Assistant Course by booking online on this page. If your employer is funding you, we can arrange bookings by invoice.