The Finance Diploma is designed to provide a practical ability to get their first job in financial services or within a company’s accounting/finance area.

Finance Diploma in the Netherlands

The course combines the Bookkeeping Training Course, Microsoft Excel Training Course and Finance for non-financial Managers.

Course Content

1. Bookkeeping Training Course

This 2-day intensive virtual classroom course provides the learner with a sound understanding of double-entry bookkeeping.

  • The completion of financial documents such as invoices and credit notes
  • The recording of cash and credit transactions
  • Practical explanation of double entry system
  • Posting of ledgers and relevance of T-accounts
  • The preparation and balancing of a bank reconciliation
  • Petty Cash
  • Year-end adjustments include accruals, depreciation, pre-payments, etc.
  • Journals
  • Preparing a trial balance from raw data
  • Extended trial balances and year-end adjustments
  • The creation of straightforward Profit & Loss and Balance sheet reports from trial balance

2. Finance for non-Financial Managers Course

This is a 2-day intensive virtual classroom course aimed at providing a sound understanding of the concepts of finance, how to understand and analyse financial data.

  • The profit and loss account (income statement) and the balance sheet
  • How to stop abuses of established accounting policy.
  • The use of creative accounting methods
  • Key financial ratios
  • Ratio analysis to real company accounts in practical terms
  • Management of working capital
  • The importance of liquidity and cash-flow control
  • Cost control and management; categorisation of costs
  • Trading margin and revenue generation improvements
  • What is break-even analysis
  • How your business plans capital investment; assessment methods.
  • Achieve business targets through the deployment of financial data.

3. Microsoft Excel Course

This course can be taken online; it uses live server interactive technology to mark your real-world practical exercises. The system includes an assessment that will lead to certification if successful.

Who is it for?

This course would suit anyone without a formal finance education or background who wants to start working in this area.