The Executive Assistant Diploma provides a comprehensive training package to enable career success in Executive Assistant roles. The Diploma encompasses training to function at the Executive Managerial level whilst also training the required core administration skills.

Microsoft Office Training, together with advanced specialist business courses, provide you with the knowledge to be fully effective in underpinning the commercial and organisational needs of your Executive manager. This will you the confidence to work in partnership with senior executives so as to move to the top of this career path.

Course Format

Our main courses are taught in our live virtual classroom online, with our experienced trainer. Microsoft Office training will be made available online on a flexi-time basis to suit your availability to train. The courses have practical work-related exercises and regular tests to ensure that your skills are well learnt and memorised.

Course Content

The programme is a total training package for enterprising Executive Assistants.

There are four parts:

If you are an experienced PA or similar already, you can be exempted as we take into account your existing experience and skills. Contact us for details.

  • Executive Assistant / PA Course

    • The Executive PA Certificate Course is pitched into a more complex training outcome. It hones in on the skills/traits most important to support an Executive Manager. This covers a diverse range of skills at levels with mainly managerial perspectives.
  • Microsoft Office Diploma for an Executive Assistant

  • Specialised Business Skills Training

    • These subjects to develop the commercial, executive, and departmentally functional skills you will require as a commercially effective Executive Assistant. You can select three of our following specialised subjects:

                    Specialist Administration

    • Report Writing Workshop
    • Minute Taking Workshop

                    Project and Events Group

    • Events Management Training Course
    • Project Management for an Executive Assistant

                    Finance and Bookkeeping Group

    • Bookkeeping Course
    • Finance for non-finance professionals (one day)

                    Soft Skills Group

    • Executive PA Advanced Performance – Personal Effectiveness
    • Executive PA Advanced Performance – Communications and Negotiation

                    Marketing, HR and VA Group

Dates and Duration

To get started you can attend the first convenient PA Course (see schedule) or commence the Microsoft Office Subjects as soon as you book. The PA Course commences on live actual dates as scheduled. Microsoft Office Training can be started at any time.

We allow up to one year to complete the Diploma. However, if you need longer you can apply for a training extension.


The Level 5 – EA Diploma, includes the PA Certificate Course. These are core level skills for a PA. Experienced PAs and EAs can apply to ourselves or the IEAA for exemption, based on your professional experience. Exempted students will reduce their fees accordingly, as they will need to attend less training. Any queries, please contact us.

Those looking to be exempted from the PA Course can either start with the Executive PA Certificate Course or the Microsoft Office training.


  • Gain an IEAA professional qualification
  • The Level 5 Executive Assistant Diploma is issued upon successful completion.
  • Develop a practically mixed range of skills to achieve an advantage in the market and gain high-level Executive Assistant (EA) roles.
  • Add value to your company and your executive.
  • Gain confidence that you can function as a highly respected Executive Assistant
  • Build your skill range and open new doors
  • Enhance your CV marketability and related varied career choices.
  • We have trained top EA’s from around the UK, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Profit from the passed on the expertise of our specialised trainers.
  • Find out more about the IEAA Qualifcation Framework.