This course is designed to assist non-English native speakers in gaining Commercial and Professional English language skills. Our online Business English Courses are delivered in virtual classrooms. This means that delegates from anywhere in the Netherlands can attend these courses and converse directly with their trainer.

This course has been designed to promote students’ employability in professional English-speaking roles. The course aims to enhance the ability to converse with relative fluency in written and spoken English in business environments. This is an important skill because many international companies across the Netherlands and Europe enforce an English-speaking working environment. The course is attended by people from diverse industries and can be adapted to any working environment.

Online Business English Course

Course format

  • The course runs from 10:30 to 16:30.
  • This is a one-day workshop course. We offer a more in-depth two-day version of the course.
  • Souters’ tutors are native English speakers with a wide range of experience as English tutors and in business.
  • This bespoke course enables the learner to choose the subjects relevant to their needs.
  • Groups are very small to enable

Course Content

  • Understand data presented in different styles, including articles, reports, graphs, tables and presentations
  • Summarise data and compare and contrast points of view effectively
  • Participate in conversations and meetings in routine and semi-routine business contexts
  • Give a simple presentation.
  • Understand and write Business English using current and standard formats in business communications, including letters, emails, memos and minutes of meetings using fixed phrases and expressions where appropriate.

Business English Course outcomes

  • The Course is CPD Accredited. CPD Accredited Certificates are issued on completion.
  • Delegates gain from the insight of experienced English language and business skills trainers.
  • Greater confidence to use English in a commercial environment.
  • Gain personalised training in small groups
  • Our trainers are experienced business skills trainers with diverse knowledge of the commercial world.
  • Certification to enhance your career profile and CV