The ability to input and manage database systems is key to most office jobs. Microsoft Access is the most common database system. The course will provide valuable skills which many employers will need of their employees. Souters is a Microsoft Certified Academy. Therefore, Souters can offer Microsoft Certification. Our training uses the very latest technology in interactive training. All of our Microsoft Courses are certified by the CPD Standards Institute (Continuing Professional Development).


Students are trained at MS Access Beginner and Proficient (i.e. Intermediate) Level. Advanced level available as a supplement.

Course Format

Beginner and Proficient modules in Access. Advanced training is available by request.

Course Content

Beginner Level

Database Basics and Database Management

  • Getting started with the Database Management System
  • Overview of Access ribbon
  • Opening a database Database objects

Maintaining Database records

  • Entering, Replacing, Editing, Delete and Sorting records
  • How to use of the data
  • Moving around in a datasheet/form

Print Preview data

  • Margins and orientation for printing any object
  • Running a query in your database

Proficient (Intermediate) Level

Objects and their datasheets

  • Managing objects
  • Formatting/reorganising a datasheet
  • Filtering records by the value in a field and by a range of field values
  • Inserting a Total row into a datasheet

Creating a database

  • Converting a database
  • Database creation and protection
  • Protecting a database
  • More Advanced Database Management

Creating a table

  • Primary key
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Creating a form
  • Object dependencies
  • Selecting the records to print in a report

Creating a Select query

  • Using the query design grid, sorting the records in a query, delete query, make a table query, update a query
  • Setting a selection criterion in a query
  • Setting criteria on multiple fields
  • Building Queries and increase efficiency of data extraction for End Users
  • Setting multiple criteria on the same field

Dates and Duration

The course last for six months, but you can complete it faster with intensive study.

Course Requirements

Course can start from Beginner level, so no entry requirements are needed.


  • Training written by senior Microsoft Partners
  • User friendly and interactive system
  • CPD Accredited and CPD Standards Institute Certification is issued upon completion
  • Flexibility, as intensely or otherwise as you need
  • Access to the programme for one year.


CPD Accredited Microsoft Access Certification on successful completion.

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