Executive PA Course in London

This Executive PA Course takes place over 3 days in Central London. The centre is conveniently located the City of London (near St.Paul’s Cathedral). The course is run by a highly experienced Executive PA and Executive Assistant trainer, who has delivered training to Executive PAs across Europe. Over the years, numerous Executive PAs and Executive Assistants have attended our training programs and have been able to build successful and prestigious careers across Europe and further afield.

If you want to gain experience, boost your skills set and improve your CV, as well as open doors for new career opportunities, this is a fantastic course for you.


The course is held at Souters Training Centre, 32 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7DR, UK

Our Amsterdam Executive Assistant Course can be found here by clicking on the link.

Course Dates

You can see the course dates in the booking form. The course will run from 10:30 to 16:30 for 3 days.

Course Outline

Learn both the technical and interpersonal skills necessary for becoming a successful Executive PA. Over 3 days, participants will learn a wide range of skills through a series of educational and engaging activities. Upon completion of the course, you will be issued with an Executive PA Certificate.

Core Executive PA Skills:

  • How to move from PA to Executive PA / Executive Assistant
  • Learn to write professional business letters
  • Presentation of documents, slideshow, proofreading and minute-taking skills
  • Leadership skills


  • Boost confidence for dealing with high pressure executive corporate environments
  • Learn how to align your role with your boss
  • Organisation skills – multi-tasking, performance optimisation for maximum efficiency
  • Management skills – learn to delegate and take control


  • Learn basic management skills
  • Outline the different management styles
  • Learn how to use management in your role as an Executive PA
  • Learn how to work with your boss appropriately and effectively


  • Build professional communication skills
  • Learn the different ways to communicate, both verbally and non-verbally
  • Learn questioning techniques
  • Dealing with office etiquette and politics

Business Skills:

  • Understand how to use social media as a powerful business tool
  • An overview of project management and event management skills as an Executive PA
  • Learn how to create solutions and solve problems via communication
  • How to navigate HR function in your job

Building Relationships:

  • Interpreting your colleagues’ behaviour and language
  • Dealing with stakeholders as a PA / EA
  • Learning how to be assertive, and the difference between passive and aggressive
  • Learning how and when to say ‘no’

Planning Your Future Career:

  • Make a plan and take steps to build your future career
  • Discover opportunities for those with a PA / EA qualification

Executive Assistant Course Netherlands

Who is the course suitable for?

● Current PAs, Secretarial or Admin professionals who are looking to boost their skill set and get a contemporary certificate to keep themselves up to date.
● Individuals who want a career chance and want to enhance existing business skills
● Employers who want their employees to be trained as Executive PAs

Career Opportunities

This course will provide you with a CPD Executive PA qualification in the form of a certificate. This is great for your CV, as well as future career opportunities. Some of the many benefits you can gain from this course are:

  • Contemporary, up-to-date Executive PA skills
  • Confidence and empowerment
  • Certificate looks great on your CV and opens up future career options
  • Potential for higher income and more choice of jobs
  • Internationally renowned course
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