Executive Assistant Training Course

This course is for people currently working as a PA, Executive PA or Executive Assistant or those who have been recently appointed.  The course aims to provide an international dimension to the EA function covering areas of performance and productivity enhancement combined with improved communication skills and Business English enhancement.

Executive Assistant Training is suitable for:

This course is suitable for a variety of people such as:

  • Existing secretaries, PAs and EAs  looking to upgrade their skills and obtain CPD certification
  • Experienced people from other sectors and job types  looking for a career change
  • Company employees looking for job related training

Course Objectives

To provide the student with the practical ability to perform effectively and pro-actively in an Executive PA or EA (International) role. To provide awareness of best practice in communication and to assist with Business English Development as needed.

To create understanding of management mindset, especially in relation to overriding corporate objectives. To create greater confidence in effective dialogue with senior executives.

Course Format

The course is live and tutor led in a classroom workshop environment. There are two executive training tutors.

The delivery will be a mixture of theory and related practical / interactive sessions.

The course has a duration of 2 days and you can see start dates in the booking form.

Course Benefits

  • Tutor led workshop environment
  • Internationally recognised provider
  • Greater technical competence and comprehension of the requirement of an EA
  • Confidence building through development of in depth skills
  • Understand the management process and how to perform at executive levels
  • Techniques to stay ahead in your field and manage your own development

What is in the EA course?

On the Job

  • Understand the terms PA, Executive PA or EA
  • Business English in the EA context
  • Document presentation and proofreading


  • Confidence building to deal with executive level environments
  • Synchronising your role with that of your executive
  • Setting priorities, managing your role / career to meet executive needs
  • Delegation, multi-tasking effectively, taking initiative

Management Skills

  • Introduction to Management theory
  • Styles of management
  • Context in an EA role
  • Relationship with your executive/s; how can you provide effective support

Communication Skills

  • Effective communication skills
  • Understanding verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Different questioning styles; how to use questions effectively
  • Office politics – how to handle this

Business English

  • Convey points of view convincingly;  influence others
  • Business writing using wide range of formats, including letters, emails, memos and minutes of meetings
  • The difference between what English speakers say and what they mean

Business Skills

  • Explanation of the role of social media in the modern executive arena
  • Overview of Project Management and Event Management for EA’s
  • Communicating and negotiating, win-win solutions; this can be internal or external
  • Human resources – EA as interface with this function.

Developing Relationship throughout the organisation

  • Understanding how to handle stakeholders and their importance to your role
  • Passive vs. aggressive vs. assertive
  • Saying “no” is sometimes necessary

Your Career and the Future

  • Take control of your career with a clear plan
  • Build your map for the future.

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